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Saturday, March 31, 2012

David-West’s flaring faith for Nigeria By Odimegwu Onwumere

Global Reporters Vienna

Professor Tam David-West

Professor Tam David-West had been endorsing positive policies for the youth. Take it or leave, not his. Sometimes one wonders why he had so much sparkling faith for Nigeria. He could not stop hammering on bad policies the government was incessantly implementing that had windswept a lot of us. He had not limited his comments of valid points for garbage. He had always issued best statements on national issues, especially since the beginning of the fuel subsidy crisis. But it seemed that the government has had no valid point for refusing his call for a forum where Nigerians will publicly interrogate the government’s decision on fuel subsidy and sundry crass ideals. His reactions to the fuel subsidy removal had opined one point: How a man of over 70years was ready to lay down his life for the future of Nigeria, if it called for that.

During the protest that the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) organized to checkmate the government over the issue, he was among the frontrunners who led the protest before NLC started giving conditions to the government from the N141 hiked price to N97 that the government later unilaterally brought it to, for the price of fuel.

It was observed that NLC became fragile against its initial stoical stand against the tyrannical posture of the government when the protest was intensified. David-West was so embittered with the divergent opinion of the NLC and asked the government to publish the names of those that were importing fuel.

He had been of the opinion that Nigerians should differentiate between metaphysical Nigeria and political Nigeria. Nigeria is a great country blessed by God. The way we are going, the political Nigeria will destroy the metaphysical Nigeria, because to keep Nigeria as one is a task that must be done. He would admonish.

While a layman could see those in the political positions as his leaders, David-West however has had a definition of them: “Most of those in government are rogues and thieves; they love themselves more than Nigeria.”

Against that influence, it had been perturbing to him why every Nigerian would not owe Nigeria more than what Nigeria owed him or her. He had been clamouring for more statesmen than politicians and believed that Nigeria would be better then.

A first time comer to Nigeria will be shocked what Nigeria is by reading numerous expository essays and interviews by David-West. He was disappointed that statesmen like him who were thinking of the future were being disrespected by a bouquet of politicians who only think of the next election, culminating to Nigeria being a country where a senator earned more money than the President of America, and even buy government houses and spend billions on cars, yet they couldn’t pay the N18, 000 minimum wage to Civil Servants.

What else could be called moral corruption? To the intellect dude, politicians had morally crippled the country and the governance, but they will be destroyed by God. He had been weeping that some goons were doing all the atrocities in a great country as Nigeria where there had not been any case of natural disaster, but there were able men and natural resources that had been pilfered by a few clique of people for long years.

To him, it was shameful that the few opportunists had made the majority of the people to cry of no job, and compelled graduates to drive taxis and engage in other menial jobs; those frailhearted engage in armed robbery, because they have to survive. In his arithmetic, it takes integrity and rigidity not to be corrupt and lead the nation, and God will punish those that are punishing Nigerians and Nigeria.

“When the poor man weeps, the tears go to heaven and come down with burning fire and consume his enemies. And that is what will happen in Nigeria,” he also wept.

Professor David-West was competent to speak without sentiment on any issues besetting the country. He’s very interesting: a volcano vaporizer when it comes to truth. He abhorred the government for counting that the true price of oil must include the suffering of the people.

This was evident in a quote: “Nigeria`s poor suffer the twin environmental perils of oil extraction — oil spills and gas flaring. Villagers draw their water directly from the same rivers and streams that become catch basins for oil spills. Sanctions for spills are minor. Between 1989 and 2000, more than 536,000 barrels of oil were spilled; only 23,000 barrels were recovered. Land and river restoration are rare. Meanwhile, gas flaring is the cheapest way to eliminate natural gas, a byproduct of oil extraction. Villagers describe the gas flares as "Flames from Hell." These flares contribute to climate change, pollute the air, and bring acid rain to the region."

It’s a thing of worry that President Goodluck Jonathan and his cohorts had not put in great deal of strength to curb insecurity in the country the way they had expended much energy on the fuel subsidy removal which had impoverished the poor masses more. Many Nigerians were subjected to so much hardship whereas the song on their lips at every minute was supposed to be “Hosanna in the Highest” because Nigeria was endowed naturally more than wanted. Rather, Jonathan and his cohorts talk about cabal in the government but none have been seen meted with the rule they required. They were rather tapped with the kid’s glove on the wrist and allowed to be comfortable with their organized corruption to the detriment of millions of Nigerians.

It is on this nepotism’s way of handling cases of corruption in Nigeria by the authorities that was making David-West to cry. Nigerians are today languishing in the different prisons of the world, where they had gone to, beating the arctic weather situations of the western world, and enslavement, for the proverbial Golden Fleece.

Those that were in the prison are even lucky: there had been cases of Nigerians who lost their lives all the year round in the desert in their quandary for a greener pasture abroad. David-West had been crying that Nigerians lived all their lives struggling to feed their families and see them through school, whereas it was not supposed to be so.

Many of the parents who laboured to seeing their children tomorrow become better people in the society die painful deaths because their children were unable to reciprocate their gesture because of dearth of job that had characterized Nigeria.

Nigerians were being enslaved even in their own country to bad government policies, and their destinies sold to pains and too much sweat. It was on this premise that David-West had been crying that corruption should be eschewed and avoided and not become identical with political administration of Nigeria.

The country was hijacked by rapacious few men and women holding on to the club of control to exhibit cruelty to those who were supposed to be their subject. While these “unfortunate” Nigerians were languishing in pains on how to make the end meet, the self-acclaimed bourgeoisies were busy practicing corruption with their stealing and robbing of the country’s coffers. The most shameful side of it was that they were the same people who bring their selves and their ugly trade to the cleaners for the rest Nigerians to laugh at, while biting their fingers in abject pains.

Professor David-West had severally challenged the government to reinforce its argument for removing the oil subsidy with facts and figures, but the government's apologists – real wasters – were singing the song of death for Nigerians. Without any corollary, Professor David-West is the choice of every village, town, state and country for the marketing of truth. He has been saying it all, if specifics should be given and taken, confronted, questioned upon and concluded and finalized and be implemented. A brilliant man with a good-looking mind, he has been more judicious in his critiques of the government’s policies. He speaks with his head, not emotions. He’s a well meaning Nigerian who’s saying the truth, and asks those governing to better be careful before Almighty God crushes them to death for any form of bestial governance.

May Professor Tam David-West live long for exhaustively breaking down and clarifications of national issues.

Odimegwu Onwumere, Poet/Author, is the Coordinator, Concerned Non-Indigenes In Rivers State (CONIRIV). Mobile: +2348032552855. Email: nirivpol@gmail.com

Goodbye The Country Boy Harry Mosco - By Global Reporters Team Vienna, Austria

Harry Mosco

It is no longer a news that Harry Mosco is dead. How many of us know him or still remember him? Without doubt the ‘old schools’ of Nigerian generations will because he was one of the musicians that made them pin their feet in the early 70s. We mean the period we were taught as young boys on how to toast women during wake keepings (Nigerian versions of night clubs then) was just to say “Excuse me dance”. Oh, how time flies! How many of us still remember some of his hit tracks like “Country Boy”? The sad news over his death was a shock to most of us. We will miss him. Our heartfelt sympathy goes to his immediate families while we pray to God to grant them the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

 You are gone Harry, but your legacy we will never forget.

Global Reporters Team

David-West, Okonjo-Iweala and World Bank By Odimegwu Onwumere

Globa Reporters Vienna

Professor Tam David-West needs no much introduction. Without reservation, he is a household name in Nigeria and beyond. Apart from being a celebrated Professor of Virology and one who had served Nigeria in different capacities – as Petroleum Minister during the era of General Muhammadu Buhari, and Mines, Power and Steel in the General Ibrahim Babangida government without blemishes – he is a father who is spending his old age very well, epitomizing the re-compensation of a well-spent youth, bringing hopes of a better Nigeria, than the melancholic one her lights beam at us on the face.
His lifestyle reminds us of a Robert Browning, Rabbi ben Ezra poem thus: “Grow old along with me!/ The best is yet to be,/The last of life,/for which the first was made”. You may lace the introduction of the persona further that he has become a prophet that his people are finding it difficult to follow, because of his verbalization and practicalization of truth. This is evident when he told Nigerians that the oil subsidy is fiction and that Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala was practicalizing fabrication before Nigerians, to accept “Oil Subsidy" removal.
Many people had called him names since then, especially when he said that Okonjo-Iweala should resign. What is more than vindication and conviction that Professor David-West had the hindsight that the duo of President Goodluck Jonathan and Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala were out for something in Nigeria with the unsympathetic“oil subsidy” removal, when in reports of March 21 2012, fingers that Jonathan backs Okonjo-Iweala for World Bank’s top job, as she was set to be nominated to lead the World Bank.
As the Coordinating Minister of the Economy of Nigeria, it is ridiculous how Jonathan who convinced her (who left the World Bank as managing director last year to join his cabinet to provide more power to his reform agenda) was now blessing her candidacy for the plum job at the World Bank. While many may see and appreciate this rather difficult political exaltation in the World Bank, would it make Okonjo-Iweala to see clearly her dim-witted vision for the economy? This is only if the United States will allow her, whereas that country has an option of her in a Chinese.
Junketing for the job through the exposition of her body language shows that David-West was right at last that Okonjo-Iweala lacked the dexterity and did not believe in her bloated mission of rescuing the Nigeria's economy. If she succeeds at the World Bank today or after, this will make it the second time she is leaving her position as minister in Nigeria. Is she an unconstitutional Prime Minister of Nigeria that she cannot be left in her World Bank?
It is laughable that somebody who has given Nigerians the hope that she unequivocally had the interest of Nigeria so cherished in her heart was making such transitory approach for the World Bank. It is even more laughable that she has been unable to achieve much in the stained transformational agenda within the period she had served. This goes a long way to show that impeccability of credentials, as anybody would say she has, does not give the job of the President of World Bank.
 Who wants America not to give Nigeria loan again if Okonjo-Iweala any day is the World Bank president? It is evident now that the economies of most nations are subject to World Bank directives. And she may stand a better chance to give Nigeria directives and economic policies, but not to supplement these with financial empowerment, because of the Goliath called America that is a major key player at the mainstream of the ocean of World Bank. The USA is lushly threatening to stop financing the bank in the event of a non-American heading it. What will Jonathan do? This is a tough decision and time for him. Has he even ever decided anything on his own before?
 It was the recalcitrant indecision of the government that has made it not to hearken to the call by David-West when he said that he challenge any government after the regime of General Buhari: from General Ibrahim Babangida and Chief Ernest Shonekan to General Olusegun Obasanjo and President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, to appear on national television with him to justify their subsidy. Not even Okonjo-Iweala, whom Jonathan reposed a lot of power and trust on and presented her to us as the transforming minister of the economy, was able to contend David-West when he world-widely said that there was no oil subsidy in Nigeria and that it was a lie and fraud.
 David-West even reminded them, citing Edmund Burke, the great British philosopher that said, government is a contrivance of human wisdom and the wisdom should be used to satisfy people’s needs. Any government that can’t satisfy the need of its people is irrelevant and must be overthrown and kicked out. Okonjo-Iweala didn’t blink when he added that no government should exist if it can’t serve the people, because government is a trust. With the events of the day that Okonjo-Iweala was headburied on the World Bank coveted job, was David-West not right when he told Nigerians that Jonathan didn’t understand what he was saying on subsidy; that he was only parroting what they told him?
 It could be figured out that David-West was really right, because one wonders why a president could be traced to be backing a woman he has sirened as the best thing that will ever happen to Nigeria, in much touted transformation agenda. David-West had told Nigerians that Okonjo-Iweala said the subsidy goes to the wrong hands. This is the same way today, they are sermonizing to seduce people to accept her as the best qualified person for the President of World Bank, when she had talked about cushioning the effect of the removal of oil subsidy. What would her exit bring should it work at last? David-West would say, “Rubbish!”
 It is hard to believe Okonjo-Iweala again on anything Nigerian and her sugermouth painkilling measures that will help the citizens. Should the organized labour and Nigerians at this time make her posturing for the World Bank impossible? She told us about palliatives of the removal of the oil subsidy, but this has sent many Nigerians on the road of Golgotha. Do we need her at the World Bank so that we could build our dilapidated roads, provide water and electricity and vote for capital projects, which have taken a capital flight?
 With these rigmarolings, David-West was right when he said that Degrees don’t guarantee good governance and degrees don’t make leaders, but leadership is a natural endowment or one acquires it by hard work. Jonathan and Okonjo-Iweala are pushing us to ask numerous questions about what is so special about the World Bank job. Are they trying to tell us that the bank is preferable to Nigeria? Whichever way, David-West would say that it is a privilege to be born into a wealthy home, and being born humble is not an issue, but how you articulate your humble situation is the issue.
 In his words: That you are born rich doesn’t say you should look down on people. The problem with Jonathan is that though he has PhD, he is a brilliant man, but there is a difference between native intelligence and book intelligence. Jonathan is basically brilliant. The danger in that is that such people whenever somebody like Iweala comes talking, they idolize them like mental geniuses and become internally inferior to them. Whatever they say goes ––garbage in, garbage out.
 Was David-West not right when he said that Jonathan doesn’t have the stamina to challenge the advisers? He buttressed his points saying, for a prince to be advised wisely, he must be wise too. Iweala is not the most brilliant economist. There are hundreds of people more brilliant than she is. Pius Okigbo and Ojetunji Aboyade, they served the nation meritoriously. She is working with somebody psychologically inferior and she will lead him into a ditch. She talks like the president. She once said that government would not negotiate with the Niger Delta militants. Did they not negotiate later? She was paid in dollars when she served in Obasanjo’s cabinet and her monthly pay was N2.8 million and now she is saying oil subsidy is killing the economy. Hypocrite!

There is need we see today that David-West was not making derogatory statements against Okonjo-Iweala and Jonathan, but facts. How has she convinced people that she knows her job with arguments, facts and figures when she has expertized in running from one job to another at any little featherweight opportunity? What we have always got from her are sermonizations! The same way we were told that they hired consultants with millions of naira to convince Nigeria to accept their oil subsidy removal, they are perhaps at it again with virtually all the countries in Africa and beyond clamouring that Okonjo-Iweala is the best thing that can ever happen to World Bank.
 Maybe, Okonjo-Iweala’s removal will be Nigerians subsidy to a new lease of life. But is this the way she has to live: genuflecting from one slighted opportunity to another without leaving any vital record on the sand of history? Many of us are beginning to believe David-West’s outbursts totally that Jonathan was not leading anybody to any hopeful place, especially when he admonished that we should not think and say we are safe in Nigeria. We are indeed not safe whereas we have leaders who speak from the sides of their mouths. What is corporate disappointment if not the interest a serving minister has shown for the job in the blues? This is why David-West had admonished Jonathan and his cohorts to know that government is not about commissioning or investment and profits, but should have moral dimension; and any government that disregards the moral dimension, that is, respect of God, God will punish such for making Nigerians to suffer.

Odimegwu Onwumere, Poet/Author, is the Coordinator, Concerned Non-Indigenes In Rivers State (CONIRIV). Mobile: +2348032552855. Email: nirivpol@gmail.com

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Russian Woman Overpowered A Robber And Kept Him As Sex Slave For Three Days... Fed Only Viagra - Global Reporters Vienna

By Daily Mail Reporter

Robber who broke into hair salon is beaten by its black-belt owner and kept as a sex slave for three days... fed only Viagra

A Russian man who tried to rob a hair salon ended up as the victim when the female shop owner overpowered him, tied him up naked and then used him as a sex slave for three days.

Teaching a lesson: Olga Zajac, 28, allegedly held 32-year-old would-be robber Viktor Jasinski captive for three days in a back room of her hair salon, feeding him Viagra and having sex 'a couple of times'

Viktor Jasinski, 32, admitted to police that he had gone to the salon in Meshchovsk, Russia, with the intention of robbing it.

But the tables were turned dramatically when he found himself overcome by owner Olga Zajac, 28, who happened to be a black belt in karate.

She allegedly floored the would-be robber with a single kick.

Then, in a scene reminiscent of Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction, police say Zajac dragged the semi-conscious Jasinski to a back room of the salon and tied him up with a hair dryer cable.

She allegedly stripped him naked and, for the next three days, used him as a sex slave to 'teach him a lesson' - force feeding him Viagra to keep the lesson going.

The would-be robber was eventually released, with Zajak saying he had learned his lesson.

Jasinski went straight to the police and told them of his back-room ordeal, saying that he had been held hostage, handcuffed naked to a radiator, and fed nothing but Viagra.

Both have now been arrested.

When police arrived to question Zahjac, she said: 'What a bastard. Yes, we had sex a couple of times. But I bought him new jeans, gave him food and even gave him 1,000 roubles when he left."

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Graphic Photos – 69-year-old Man Butchered to Death Over Land in Anambra State - Global Reporters Vienna

By National Mirror

It may take a long while before the lingering crisis between the Umumerenze Umuezebikogu Umuagu clans and their Umuduruekwe counterparts in Anambra State could get any headway. This is hinged more on the alleged murder of one of the principal actors in the dispute, a Francis Ohanebo. For 30 years now, the above families have been engaged in a feud over the ownership of a land in the area but the feud got to a head on Friday, February, 10, 2012.

On that fateful day, the late Ohanebo, 69, was resting in his compound around 8:00 pm, when no fewer than 10 men jumped in, wielding various dangerous weapons. Ohanebo, though reportedly waved their threats aside insisting that his lineage owned the disputed portion of land, his attackers however, were not ready to exchange hot words with him

They already had their briefs. While the old man was trying to raise the alarm, the assailants reportedly swooped on him and inflicted series of cuts on his fragile body.Ohanebo was thus murdered in his compound in the full glare of some of his hapless relatives.

His assailants ensured that he drew his last breath before they let him be.

Apparently not done with him they were said to have beheaded him and cut his body into parts. The severed parts were reportedly dumped into a nearby bush. No sooner had these assailants left Ohanedo’s compound than his son, Moses, alerted the police.

The law enforcement agents then launched a manhunt for the killers. Eventually, seven people connected with the gruesome crime were apprehended while others are still at large.

Those accused of Ohanedo’s murder are Aloysius Osadebe, John Nnaekezie (a.k.a. Okadibia), Ogenabia Ohanebo, Chijioke Mbanusi, Cornelius Obinozie, Emeka Onwukeme and Comrade Ikenna. The matter was immediately charged to court at the Ihiala Chief Magistrate Court in Anambra State, and the seven accused are detained.

In his complaint to the police, Moses Ohanebo claimed that the accused persons and their sponsors, still at large, had conspired to murder his father because of a lingering land dispute. He argued that a continued hearing into the land dispute was to come up on February 14, 2012, but the accused persons, suspecting that the case might not end in their favour, decided to murder his father to silence them as the rightful owners and fraudulently claim ownership.

Chief Magistrate Nwaba, ordered the police to transfer the case file to the state Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) on or before March 26, 2012, being the next adjournment date.

A family member of the late Ohanedo who spoke with reporters at the court, but who pled anonymity for fear of reprisal attacks, maintained that the assault and eventual death of their breadwinner, was the handiwork of the opposing clans with which the late Ohanedo had dispute over the said land.

His words, “It is very clear who are behind this gruesome murder of our father and brother. They thought that by so doing, they would have a head way, but the fight over the disputed land is a forgone issue. It does not belong to them but to us,” the middle aged man said.

At the last hearing of the case, the prosecutor urged the court to remand the seven men in prison custody because the offence is not bail able and besides, granting them bail could jeopardize further investigations in the matter.
This position, the lawyers to the accused objected.

Their lawyers, Ikenna Odigbo, Maduka Ewuzie, Francis Effiong and J. N. Obi prayed the court to grant them bail on the ground that the accused persons could be produced at any given time they are required to appear in court. The judge however decided that the accused be remanded in prison custody against the prayers of the accused’ lawyers. They were to be produced in court at the resumed hearing of the case.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Voice From The Grave, Ogochukwu Onuchukwu Nee Onugu

Global Reporters Vienna

This is a story that touches the heart. I am in tears and pains and as such can confirm that the heart of man is really evil. I could not help it but broke down after reading this sad story and recommend it for all. May God grant the soul of this woman the peace she did not find on earth, Amen!
Editor Global Reporters Vienna

Ogochukwu Onuchukwu (Nee Onugu)

Her ordeal till death

My mum is crying. I can see her from here. She has aged since the last time I saw her.

Why does she look so old and why is she so thin? Can someone console her? Can someone make her stop crying?

I try to get up but I can’t. I try to reach for her, but I’m stuck where I am. It is very dark in here, and very cold, so very cold.

What am I doing here? Where is everybody? Where are my children? I begin to panic, to struggle; I want to get out of this dark room.

I can hear Uzo calling. She’s calling my name. Then, I see mum again. And I hear Uzo again. I don’t see my children. Where are my children? I can’t see beyond the walls of this dark and cold room.

Uzo calls again. She sounds desperate to rouse me from my sleep. I am struggling to wake but I can’t. I open my eyes and they shut of their own accord.

I am powerless to keep them from shutting. And I find as soon as I stop struggling, my sleep becomes sweet repose. Suddenly I don’t want to wake from it just yet. It is peaceful.

I see mum again, and I see Uzo. Uzo keeps calling. She won’t stop calling. She is crying too, just like mum.

Can someone bring Kamsi and Amanda to me? Can someone bring my babies to me? I need to hug them, Kamsi, especially. Is he crying too and calling out for me?

Does he understand that I am gone? Kamsi will miss me.

He is a special child, you know; Kamsiyochukwu - my son and my first child.

I prayed and longed for his birth. He was the blessing from above that would seal Kevin’s love for me and give me some footing in his home and some acceptance from his family.

Before Kamsi, I was a nobody in Kevin’s home. I was born the last of nine children, the baby of the family. I was used to love and affection. I was everyone’s baby. I grew up knowing that everyone had my back, I grew up knowing the safety and security of being the baby of the home. You may then understand my shock when I stepped out of my home and into new territory with the man of my dreams only to find that I was really not as special as I had been made to believe. I look back to that day when Kevin took me home to introduce me to my new family. The cold and rude shock of the welcome his brother’s wife gave me set off an alarm in my head.

These people didn’t think I was special. In fact, her first words were, ”Kevin, ebe kwa ka isi dute nka?” (Kevin, “Where on earth did you bring this one from?) That would be the first time I would be addressed as “this one” and from then on, I grappled with the realization that I was not welcome in my new home.

I remember my first Christmas at Ihiala as a new bride. My brother-in-law’s wife would sneer and clap and refer to me as “Ndi ji ukwu azo akwu” (the people who process palm fruits with their bare feet). I knew she meant my impoverished home town of Nsukka. She would sing to me all day long telling me the only reason why their brother married me was because of my beauty and complexion.

Now, I lie here and I wonder if I was in my right mind to ignore the several other alarms over my 12- year union with Kevin.

I had to ignore them, I told myself. I had already taken my vows to be with Kevin until death did us part.

They never really wanted me, I can now see. But I was too blinded by love to realize that. I needed to do something to cement Kevin’s heart with mine. I needed to remain Kevin’s wife and to prove to the world that indeed Love would conquer all.

When after one year of marriage there were still no children, the painful journey that sent me to my grave started. I went from specialist to specialist, ingested every kind of pill that promised to boost my fertility. As my desperation grew, so did pressure from Kevin’s family. My horror-movie life story started playing out; the horror-movie life that has sent me to an early and cold grave from where I write this letter to my husband.

My sweet Kevin,

We started to fight over little things. The fights were worse after you visited home or attended any of your numerous family meetings. You came home one evening and asked me to move out of the bedroom we both shared and into the guestroom downstairs. The next time you returned from the meeting, you tied me up with a rope and used your belt on me. No one heard my screams.

I remember when you told me that your family had asked you to remarry. You showed me documents of all your numerous landed property including the house we lived in. Your brother was listed as next of kin. When I asked you about it, your answer rocked the ground I was standing on. You said, “What have you to show that entitles you to any stake in this household?” You were referring to my barreness.

It is funny how to my family and friends, I was the beautiful and loving Ogo, whilst to you and your family I was a worthless piece of rag. You called me barren. I could have fled but your love and acceptance was of more worth to me than the love and admiration of the world outside our home. I desperately sought to be loved by you, Kevin.

In your family’s presence I felt unworthy, unloved and unwanted. Yet, I stayed on. I would make you love me one way or the other and I knew that one sure way would be to produce a child, an heir for you. That was the most important thing to you.

I began the numerous procedures, painful procedures, including surgery. I gave myself daily shots. At some point the needles could no longer pierce my skin. My skin had toughened to the piercing pain of needles.

After seven years of marriage, our prayers were answered. God blessed us with our son Kamsiyochukwu, which means ‘’Just as I asked of the Lord’’. God had intervened and miracles were about to start happening because for the first time in seven years, my mother-in-law called me. Finally I was home. I had been accepted. I was now a woman, a wife and a mother. Finally there was peace. Kamsi will be four in November.

The miracles stayed with me because 18 months later through another procedure, Chimamanda was born. Her birth was bitter sweet for me. Sweet because you Kevin, my husband, and my in-laws would love me more for bearing a second child, but bitter because this particular birth almost cost me my life. The doctors had become very concerned. You see, I had developed too many complications from all the different procedures I had undergone in the journey to have children and these were beginning to get in the way of normal everyday living. I developed conditions that had almost become life threatening. So the doctors sent me off with my new bundle of joy and with a stern warning not to try for another child as I may not be so lucky.

I chuckled, almost gleefully. Why would I want to try for a third child? God had given me a boy and a girl, what more could I ask for. I was only ever so thankful to God.

Kevin, you and I gave numerous and very generous donations to different churches in thanksgiving to God. All was well. I was happy and fulfilled. Kevin, you loved me again. Your family accepted me. Life was good. And all was quiet again. …………………… For a while.

Then fate struck me a blow. As if to remind me that my stay in your house was temporary and was never really going to be peaceful, Kamsi – our son, our first fruit, my pride and joy and the child that gave me a place in my husband’s home, began to show signs of slowed development; the visits to the doctors resumed, this time on account of Kamsi.

We started seeing therapists. After we’d been from one doctor to another I decided I had to resort to prayer. I was frightened. I was terrified. I was

threatened. I started to feel unwell. I had difficulty breathing. I needed to see my doctors, Kamsi too. He wasn’t doing too well either. He had difficulty

with his speech. He was slow to comprehend things. I did not know for sure what was wrong with him but I knew all was not well. Not with him and not with me. We

were denied visas to the USA because we had overstayed on our last trip on account of Kamsi’s treatments. So whilst we waited for a lawyer to help us clear

up the immigration issues with America, I applied for a UK visa and sought help in London. But by then, trouble had reared its head at home, again.

Kevin, you had again become very impatient with me. My fears were fully alive again. The battles it seemed I had won were again in full rage. My husband, in your

irritable impatience and anger, you told me to my face that our son, my Kamsi, was worthless to you. You said he was abnormal. You said that our daughter, my

Amanda, was a girl and that you had no need for a girl child because she would someday be married off. I remember, in pain, that you didn’t attend Amanda’s

christening because you were upset with me. You told me your mother was more important to you than “THESE THINGS” I brought to your house. You were referring to our children, were you not? “THESE THINGS”.

My heart bled. I wept bitterly. Then I quickly calmed my fears by telling myself that you were under a lot of stress at work and that you were also probably reacting to all the money that you had spent on my treatments. Surely, all that was getting to you? Even when you threatened me with a knife, twice you did that, I still felt unworthy of you and very deserving of your hatred. Even when you would say: “I will kill you and nothing will happen because you have no one to fight for you”, I kept on struggling to get you to love me because, Kevin, your validation was important to me

You had refused to give me money for my medical trip to London. I knew then it was because you had your hands full with caring and catering for everybody who was dear to you. Your finances were stretched. I thought then that in time you would come around.

My health continued to get worse. Eventually, I made it to London. After extensive consultations and tests, I was given a definitive diagnosis. My condition was life threatening. It was from this time, when it was clear that I required surgery to save me life that I came face to face with a different kind of war from our home.

Kevin, you stopped speaking with me. I was in pain, in anguish and in tears. I didn’t understand what was happening. I had stayed three weeks in London and Kevin, you never called, sent a text or inquired how I was faring. You stopped taking my calls. Instead I got a call from my cousin in whose care I had left my children. She was frantic with worry because there was no food in the house for the children to eat;

Kevin you had refused to provide food for our children. Kevin, you had also refused to pay for Kamsi’s home schooling.

Then Kevin, I received that e-mail from you. The only communication from you for the entire period I was in London.

Do you remember?

It was an angry email. You berated me for putting your integrity at stake at your work place. Apparently your employers had called a hospital in London to inquire about me and were told that no one by my name was ever their patient. I later found out that you had given the wrong hospital name to your employers. Do you remember, Kevin?

For the first time in my 12 year marriage, the alarm bells in my head began to sound real. For the first time in 12 years, I felt real anger stir up in my heart. Kevin, I was angry because you paid no heed to the hospital where your wife was at in London. You had no clue and cared little about what I was going through. Yet you would

berate me for putting your INTEGRITY at work at stake. Your integrity was your primary concern, not my health.

Then it hit me! All these years I was trying to be all I could be for you, Kevin, to make you happy, to please you, Kevin, ……… you actually hated me. You didn’t want me in your life. The signs were all there. Your family had showed me from day one that they didn’t want me. I was the object of a hatred that I could not explain. I couldn’t understand why.

Then I saw the hand writing on the wall, all those many things that went on. You even sold my car whilst I was still lying on a hospital bed in London, with no word to me. I was not to learn of what you had done until I returned to Nigeria. The doctors had allowed me to return to prepare for surgery.

Kevin, do you remember that on my return I gave you a pair of shoes I had bought for you? Kevin, my husband, do you remember hurling those shoes at me? Kevin, do you remember me breaking down in tears? Kevin, do you remember me asking you that night, many times over, why you hated me so much, what I had done to make you hate me as much as you did?

“You are disturbing me, and if you continue, I`ll move out and inform the company that I no longer live in the house. Then they will come and drive you away”. Kevin, my husband, that was your response to me. Did you know then I only had days to live?

Is that why you told me that would be the last time I would see you physically? Did you know it would only be a few more hours?

I still had a surgery to go through. Kevin, since you wanted no part in it, I had contacted the medical officer in your company directly for referrals. I left Eket for Lagos on

Saturday. That same day I consulted with the specialist surgeon and surgery was scheduled for Monday morning.

In those final hours, as I prepared for my surgery, I was alone, my spirit was broken. I had lost all the fight in me. Kevin, I knew that nothing I did or said would turn you heart toward me, and I had nobody for whom you had any regards who would speak up for me.

In those final hours, Kevin, I called you. This was Sunday morning, less than 24 hours to my death. Do you remember, Kevin? I called you to share what the specialist surgeon had said. I was still shaking from your screams on the phone when I got in here. You did not want me to bother you, you screamed. I should go to my brothers and sisters, you screamed. I should pay you back all the money you gave me for my treatment in London, you screamed. Kevin, did you know that would be my last conversation with you? My last conversation with you, my husband, my love, my life, ended with you banging the phone on me.

Recalling the abusive words, the spitting, the beating, the bruising, the knifing, and the promise that I would not live long for daring to forget to buy garden eggs for your mother, an insult you vowed I would pay for with my life ……., I knew then it was over for me. There was no rationalizing needed any longer. Even the blind could see ………. You did not want me in your life.

I went in for surgery on Monday morning, February 27, 2012, and after battling for several hours, I yielded my spirit.

Kevin, my husband, I lived my promise to God. The promise I made on the day I wedded you.

For better ………………………… For worse
For richer …………………………. For poorer
In Sickness ………………………. And in health
To love ………………………….. And to cherish


And it has.
NOW I AM DEAD!!!!!!!

Just as your mum predicted ….. Her cold words follow me to morgue. She swore to me that I would leave her son’s house dead or alive. I couldn’t leave whilst I still breathed. It had to be through death, and death it has become.

Kevin, you are FREE! And, so am I.
Your freedom is temporary. Mine is eternal.
Whilst you still have freedom, remember Kamsi and Chimamanda.
Lovingly yours until death,


I am gone. Gone forever. But if one woman, just one woman will learn from my story, then maybe I would not have gone in vain.

My heart weeps for my children, my mummy, my sisters and my brothers, my extended family. These ones, I was a gift to. These ones, they loved me. These ones, they wanted me. These ones, they needed me. These ones, they wish I had spoken out earlier

Via ogorip.com

Incredible:Teacher found on top of female pupil in school toilet by Tunde Odesola, Osogbo

Global Reporters Vienna

29-year-old Mathematics and Social Studies graduate of a college of education, Mr. Seun Oyeleke, has been caught pants down with a seven-year-old female pupil in a school toilet.

Oyeleke teaches at a private nursery and primary school on Church Street, Osogbo, Osun State.

One of the pupils' mother, Mrs. A Ajiboye, had been informed by her son, who attends Oyeleke's tutorials with her five-year-old sister, that the teacher was fond of taking the girl out of the classroom to an unknown destination.

“I told my brother, who is a policeman, and he urged me to be patient. My brother then devised a plan with which we caught the teacher,” she said.

Ajiboye told her son that whenever the teacher took her sister out, he should run home and inform her immediately.

But on Saturday, Oyeleke took another girl to the toilet on the school premises and the boy quickly dashed home to inform her mother.

The mother rushed to the school, where he found the teacher on a seven-year-old inside the toilet.

Narrating the incident to PUNCH Metro on Tuesday, Ajiboye said, “When my children were leaving for the tutorials on Saturday morning, I told my son to rush back home whenever the teacher takes any girl to the toilet.

“At about 11:30am, my son rushed in to inform me that he had taken another girl out, I quickly rushed to the school, went to the toilet and forced the door open, I met him on top of the little child.

“I was very furious and I began to shout and wail. I called on neighbours to come and see what was happening. He was subsequently taken to Dugbe Police Station in Osogbo.”

“He took me to the bathroom in the building and removed my pant and lay on me and later asked me to wear my pant back and return to the class,” the little girl said.

At the police station, the teacher pleaded, “Please, spare me; I didn't know what came over me. The effect of what I did just dawned on me. I did not rape them. I only had sex with them. It's the devil's work.”

But the proprietress of the school, Mrs. Amoke Alao, denied insinuations by neighbours that the teacher was notorious for sleeping with minors.

Alao said Oyeleke was perceived as a religious and diligent person and nobody suspected that he could commit such a crime.

Explaining that her children also attend the school, Alao said she would not have tolerated such a crime if she knew Oyeleke was doing it.

The proprietress said she was unaware of the tutorials organised by Oyeleke, saying that only one of the two affected girls is a pupil of her school, while the other only attended Oyeleke's tutorials.

Both girls were taken to police clinic at Oke-Fia, Osogbo, where a medical officer attended to them.

The medical officer, who chose to be anonymous, said the teacher did not penetrate the vaginas of the girls, adding that his organ, however, had an impact on their pubic areas.

Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Mr. Taiwo Olugbemileke, said the case would be investigated since it had been reported to the police.


In the name of Freedom: Tibetan protester sets himself on fire ... by Chris Parsons

Global Reporters Vienna

In the name of Freedom: Tibetan protester sets himself on fire in demonstration ahead of Chinese president's visit to IndiaProtester

  • Protester ran 50m before collapsing in flames outside Indian Parliament
  • Over 30 have performed self-immolation this year in protest at China's rule over Tibet 

Demo: The unnamed Tibetan man ran 50m outside the Indian parliament before collapsing today

A Tibetan protester has been treated for severe burns after setting himself on fire in a demonstration before the Chinese president's visit to India.

The male protester sprinted for 50m through New Delhi today engulfed in flames as hundreds demonstrated against China's rule over Tibet.

Jamphel Yeshi carried out the self-immolation as he ran near the speakers at a rally near the Indian Parliament in the country's capital.

The Tibetan sustained burns on 98 per cent of his body and his condition in hospital was described as critical today.

He was on fire perhaps less than two minutes, but some of his clothing had disintegrated and his skin was mottled with black, burned patches by the time he was driven to a hospital.

Yeshi, 27, escaped from Tibet in 2006 and had been living in New Delhi for the past two years, activists said.

He collapsed after around 50m as fellow protesters beat out the flames with Tibetan flags they were carrying.

Yeshi was later treated for severe burns at a New Delhi hopital, one Tibetan organiser said.

He made the dramatic protest as Chinese President Hu Jintao prepared to arrive in India later this week for a summit meeting.

The Tibetan exile, who had been protesting at China's continued ownership of Tibet, is being treated for severe burns at a New Delhi hospital

The Tibetan man ends his protest as he nears collapse while engulfed in flames burning his entire body

More than 600 protesters, carrying banners and posters, marched across New Delhi to a central plaza near the Indian Parliament to hold a protest meeting.

At the protest venue a big poster featuring Mr Hu's face with a bloody palm print on it said: 'Hu Jin Tao is unwelcome' at the summit.

As speakers addressed the crowd, the protester set himself ablaze and ran across the venue.

After witnessing the man set himself on fire, one onlooker, Tenzin Dorjee, said: 'This is what China faces unless they give freedom to Tibet.'

At least 30 people in Tibet have set themselves on fire over the past year in protest at Chinese rule over their homeland.

The Dalai Lama has blamed China's 'ruthless policy' for the self-immolations. China accuses the Dalai Lama of stirring up trouble.

China says Tibet has always been part of its territory. Tibetans say the Himalayan region was virtually independent for centuries.

Saved: The protester was eventually put out by other demonstrators who doused him in water and beat the flames with Tibetan flags

Mail online

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Have You Heard The News? Imo State Is Alive In Vienna, Austria

By Global Reporters Vienna

Have you heard the news? Imo state, the heartland of the nation is alive in Vianna, Austria.

“You can be who you want to be, you can do what you want to do, you can go anywhere from where you are. If only you are willing to think big, dream great and work hard” (Robert Schuller). Therefore, Imo state indigenes living in Vienna, Austria are calling on all sons and daughters of the state for a meeting in order to have a formidable force and harmonise their various visions that should be capable to bring meaningful developments back home.

 Date:          01.04.2012
Place:         Schottenfelsgasse 58, 1070 Vienna, Austria
Time:         4:30pm prompt

 No dream has ever come to reality without work and because no man is an island, therefore getting started in unity is the beginning of crushing barriers to success. Every Imolite is cordially invited irrespective of status, sex or position because our policy is an open policy based on mutual respect and understanding.

Our actions today are the results of tomorrow, so let us use this opportunity to play our parts in building Imo for the sake of posterity and our children. Remember, united we stand and divided we fall and do not forget that Imo is in the hands of God.

 Ndi Imo Kwenu!
Ndi Igbo kwenu!
Ndi Nigeria kwezonu!

Signed on behalf of Imolites

Mrs Doris Ajaegbu
Mr. Uzoma Ahamefule
Mag. Jude Okonkwu
Chief Wise Ibe

Women Are Society Builders - Chief of Staff Imo State By Uche Onwuchekwa

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Prince Eze Madumere, on Sunday, March 25, 2012, called on Nigerian women to never to jettison their primary responsibilities of building great Societies and making great minds.
Speaking during Mothers' Day Celebration at ST. BENIGNUS Catholic Parish, Ihitte Isi Mbieri, Imo State, he narrated the need for women to remember that what our societies become is a function of the quality of upbringing and values impacted to the children. He said that nature has made it that women are great managers of human beings and that is why the children are mostly found closer to their mothers all for that care and impactation of great ideals.
He decried the spate of decadence in the society owing to what he described as dereliction of their traditional duty. His words,
"these days, it is all about career and love of oneself. We abandon our God given role of building great leaders. The consequences are always regrettable. We will be the first to cry when we discover that things have gone wrong." I charge you this day as Great Mothers' and Great Builders of Great Societies to rise to the occasion and make our State Imo and our Country Nigeria what they deserve and have in their reserve great minds to take over from the present crop of leaders."
He also called on men never to become so irresponsible that they leave everything for women to handle. "We as men have our great role to play
as well. God made us the head, not by mere words of mouth. We need to take charge and knock everything into shape. I must tell you that the best
training is our life style. If we lead an exemplary life, then, it is easier for us men, too, to tell others even our children about what we consider the best approach to life.
Uche Onwuchekwa
Media Assistant to Chief of Staff
to Imo State Governor

Friday, March 23, 2012

Al-Qaeda group claims kidnap of German in Kano

Global Reporters Vienna

A video purported to be from al-Qaeda’s North African affiliate has demanded that Germany free a woman jailed on terror charges in return for a German hostage it says it is holding.

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb’s video was obtained by a Mauritanian news agency.

In the video, the hostage says his life is at risk if the woman is not freed.

Edgar Fritz Raupach, an engineer, was kidnapped by gunmen in Kano in January.

“We inform you that your compatriot Edgar Fritz Raupach is a prisoner of the fighters of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb,” the video said.

The group said it is seeking the release of Umm Seifullah al-Ansari, or Filiz Gelowicz, a Turkish-born woman jailed a year ago in Germany for aiding terrorism.

Her husband, German national Fritz Gelowicz, a convert to Islam, was among four Islamists imprisoned in March 2010 for plotting to attack US facilities in Germany.

At the time, the judge said the men, known as the “Sauerland group”, had dreamed of “mounting a second 11 September 2001″.

The statement claimed Filiz Gelowicz was suffering “inhumane treatment” in a German prison.

Correspondents say the private Mauritanian news agency which sourced the video, ANI, frequently publishes statements by al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

The group, led by Abdel Moussab Abdelwadoud, has kidnapped Europeans in the past.

‘My husband not father of my three children’

Global Reporters Vienna

A housewife, Mrs. Seinab Adebayo, on Thursday told an Ijebu-Ode Customary Court Grade ‘A’ that her husband, Adewale, was not the biological father of their three children.

Seinab, who is pregnant, also told the court that her husband was also not responsible for the pregnancy, the News Agency of Nigeria reports.

Adewale, who is the plaintiff, had early this month dragged his wife to court for packing out of the house with the three children without his consent.

He urged the court to order his wife to return his three children to him.

But the wife said she packed out of the house because her husband, whom she said got married to her 12 years ago, was not the biological father of the children and was not responsible for the pregnancy.

Seinab told the court that she was made to swear an oath to keep the secret that her husband was not the biological father of the children, adding that it was a deal between the two of them.

She said her husband had been married for 10 years without an issue before she married him.

She said, “When I married my husband 12 years ago, we both swore an oath not to reveal the secret that my husband is not the biological father of the children.

“And for the past 12 years, we have been keeping that secret by not allowing anybody to know that my husband is not the biological father of the three children and the pregnancy that I am carrying.”
Seinab, however, told the court that she could not reveal the details of the secret until her husband brought the oracle with which they swore the oath to court to release her from it.

She said, “I cannot give the details of the secret of who the real father of the children is until I am released from the oath.

“I will urge the court to order my husband to bring the oracle with which we swore the oath to court and release me from it before I can reveal the secret.”

Her husband, who did not deny the allegation, insisted that he was the biological father of the children.

In his ruling, the court’s President, Mr. Olatunji Kanimodo, ordered Adewale to bring the oracle with which they swore to an oath to the court in the next adjourned date.

Kanimodo said the order was imperative for the court to get the full details of the case, and adjourned the case till April 27.

African powers back Okonjo-Iweala for World Bank presidency

Global Reporters Vienna

African powers Angola, Nigeria and South Africa on Friday endorsed the nomination of Nigerian Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, a respected economist and diplomat, as a candidate to take over the World Bank.

The United States faces an unprecedented challenge to its grip on the World Bank presidency, with emerging economies poised to nominate at least one candidate on Friday to set up the first contested bid for the top job at the global development lender, Reuters reports.

“The endorsement is in line with the belief that the appointment of the leadership of the World Bank and its sister institution, the International Monetary Fund, should be merit-based, open and transparent,” the three said in a statement in Pretoria.

South Africa chairs one of the three African seats on the 25-member World Bank board, and earlier this week sources said Okonjo-Iweala’s candidacy was being proposed after consultations between South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma and Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan.

The joint endorsement is a rare bit of unity among the three countries often at loggerheads as they battle for dominance on the continent.

“She has eminent academic qualifications and would be, I think, a candidate of choice not only on the African continent but well beyond as well,” South Africa’s Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan told a media briefing on Friday.

The three countries will lobby other African states to endorse her, Gordhan added.

The United States has yet to name a candidate. But it still has up till 10p.m GMT to do so. While the Obama administration has said it would nominate someone, its choice remains shrouded in mystery.

Washington has held the presidency since the bank’s founding after World War Two, while a European has always led its sister organisation, the International Monetary Fund.

Okonjo-Iweala’s chances became brighter on Thursday after Colombia said it was more interested in getting the top job at the International Labour Organisation than the World Bank presidency.

Colombian Finance Minister Juan Carlos Echeverry said his predecessor, Jose Antonio Ocampo, would not receive supprot from the government for the World Bank bid, especially as his country was already holding the chair of the Washington-based Inter-American Development Bank.

“The candidacy of (Colombia’s Vice President) Angelino Garzon for the president of the International Labour Organisation has a high probability of success,” Echeverry told reporters.

“The Colombian government has to concentrate exclusively on a candidate that has possibilities of success, and so we should concentrate on the candidacy of the vice president,” he added.

The Inter-American Development Bank is currently led by Luis Alberto Moreno, who is Colombian.

Brazil had indicated it would like to nominate Ocampo but this is not feasible without the support of his home government.

Brazil, which chairs a constituency of Latin American countries including Colombia on the World Bank Board, cannot nominate Ocampo without Colombia’s backing.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A chicken with four legs! By Indo Asian News Service

Global Reporters Vienna

Beijing, March 22 (IANS) A Chinese woman was astonished to find that a chicken she bought had four legs.

Tian Xiaoying opened a package of frozen chicken she purchased at a supermarket in Changsha, the Hunan provincial capital, March 19, the China Daily reported Thursday.

"I dare not eat that chicken," Tian told a newspaper, indicating she will throw it away.

The daily quoted Li Anping of Central South University of Forestry and Technology as saying that the chicken was harmless and edible.

Fire guts National Assembly - Premium Times

Global Reporters Vienna

Officials say that the fire incident at the National Assembly annex building on Thursday did not cause serious damage

Fire broke out Thursday afternoon on the second floor of the National Assembly annex building.

The fire started in the Legal and Accounts Departments of the National Assembly Service Commission.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the FCT Fire Service deployed two fire engines to bring the fire under control before it could spread to other offices.

Panic-stricken staffers, who had vacated the building, gathered some distance away to discuss the incident.

The Director of FCT Fire Service, Sani Saidu, who confirmed the incident, told journalists that the fire incident was as a result of power fluctuation.

He said the situation had been brought under control and no damage was done

“It was caused by electrical fault as a result of power fluctuation. It was brought under control.

“No damage was done.’’

NAN reports that there was a similar fire incident at the National Assembly Annex last year on the ground floor which was also said to have been caused by an electrical fault.
The National Assembly is currently on a one week recess.

Harry Mosco is dead - By Ogbonna Amadi Entertainment Editor Vanguard

 Global Reporters Vienna

Harry Mosco

It was yet another sad song for the Nigerian entertainment industry Tuesday, when news of the demise of one of Nigeria’s best pop music import and former member of the defunct pop group Funkies, Harry Mosco Agada of the Country Boy fame hit the air waves.

The Enugu State born musician died in Cairo, the Egyptian capital where he was receiving treatment for an undisclosed illness.

Mr. Agada’s death was announced on twitter by his musician son Chykay Agada, who was also responsible for his father’s trip to Egypt for medical treatment.

His death came on the heels of the death of another prominent entertainer, Mr. James Iroha a.k.a. Giringori Akabogu of the New Masquerade fame who passed on a forthnight ago in Onitsha, Anambra State.

Before his death, the musician was bed ridden for months and had only a female companion who lived with him in the Akute area of Ogun State where he resided before help came his way through his son.

He had recently moved to the area from his Abbah Johnston street, Ikeja, Lagos residence, where he also operated a record studio.

The last time the late musician was seen at a public function, he two legs were swollebn and could hardly walk without help.

A concerned friend who spoke to us yesterday said “ Although Harry told me he was suffering from arthritis, I doubted the possibility because he legs were swollen and could hardly move around his house.

When the son told him of his plan to take him to India for proper medical treatment, he rejected the offer on the grounds that India was too far adding that the trip may kill him before treatment commenced”.

Continuing our source disclosed “I got to know that he was in Egypt when he called (displays number 201152357988) to inform me that he was receiving treatment in an Egyptian hospital. He also assured me that he was getting better and would come home soon.

But that was never to be because. few days before news of his demise filtered into town I’d tried to reach him for several days with no connection”.

Harry Mosco who recorded a joint song Love Nwa Tin tin with his son in 2009, will be remembered for great songs like Country Boy and Sugarcane Baby.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

South Africa to deport 56 Nigerians - The Nation

Global Reporters Vienna

Oliver Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg

South Africa is set to deport 56 Nigerians, The Nation learnt yesterday.

The Federal Government has been notified of the planned deportation, which is coming barely two weeks after a row between the two countries.

The deportees, who have overstayed their visas, applied for asylum because of alleged political “crisis” in Nigeria. They appeared before an Asylum Panel in South Africa and their applications were rejected, it was learnt.

The South African Government checked and discovered that Nigeria is not experiencing any political problem to have warranted asylum for any of its citizens.

A source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who pleaded not to be named because he is not permitted to speak on the matter, said: “South Africa has informed us of a fresh deportation of 56 Nigerians. The affected persons will be brought to Nigeria either on Wednesday or Thursday.

“Our senior officers in the Nigerian High Commission in Pretoria were made to be part of the process to ascertain that none of the deportees is a victim of any form of injustice.

“The South African Government said it is granting asylum to those from war-torn countries and Nigeria is not on the list.

“In line with our new rapprochement, we cannot force these Nigerians on South Africa. So, we are expecting the deportees soon.

“Deportation is a normal thing when immigrants are found to have either entered a country illegally or overstayed their visas. Some are usually sent back each time they violate immigration laws or indulge in fraud. That is why you see Nigeria deporting illegal aliens like Nigeriens and Chadians.”

South Africa had a fortnight ago deported 125 Nigerians from the Oliver Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg over alleged fake yellow fever vaccination cards.


Rivers’ Free Medical Health Care? Written By Odimegwu Onwumere

Global Reporters Vienna

"A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones" - (Proverbs 17:22). The later was the mood of a caller who identified himself as Hon. Henry on the 18th March 2012. He was crying on phone that his child was very sick. His peril was that he had gone to the Braithwaite Memorial Hospital, Port Harcourt, days before the call, but was directed to go to the Primary Health Centres. At the Health Centres, he said that the treat he rushed for was only a mirage. As a result, he is living on hope, on how to go about the health of his child.

We know as residents of Port Harcourt that one of the priorities of the Governor Chibuike Amaechi-led government of Rivers State was the Primary Health Care (PHC), which is seen as the main focus of health care delivery in the state.

The government had said that the vision was to empower individuals, families and communities in the state to take full responsibility for their own health. And the mission was to provide quality, accessible, available, affordable and effective health care services to individuals and families in the state where they live and work. Accordingly, PHC is the swivel from which all other health activities revolve in the state.

Whether “to take full responsibility for their own health” is in tandem with the promise by the state government that children under 6 years, adults over 60 years, pregnancies leading to caesarean sections and first 24 hours of emergency medical service are all free cannot be comprehended.

As an organ of the Ministry of Health of the state, residents are asking whether is the PHC department not responsible for achieving the goals, objectives and the direction of the state government in relation to Health care service delivery and doing its best in relation to the promises that were outlined. They are asking whether is the department coordinating and supervising all primary health care programmes and activities doing so conscientiously or controversially.
While the state had come up with the policy direction, it is expedient that the translation of this into reality or in operational terms become the unwavering function of the PHC department. Such functions, as the government had said, include situation analysis, identification of needs and priority setting; and the department takes into consideration the feasibility of identified interventions, the available resources, target setting, strategies to achieve targets and indicators to measure achievement.

The managers of the PHC would say that most of their programmes follow these basic concepts and are coordinated and supervised by the PHC department be it at the Local Government Area (LGA) or state level. And that the department collaborates with partner agencies: WHO, UNICEF, EU PRIME and other organizations to achieve set goals. The PHC department should also understand that it’s responsible for monitoring and evaluating all the activities of the various components.

Due to people’s different beliefs, it is evident that many do not take the issue of the health of their children seriously, and some who do, the health centres do not take them seriously. The issue of immunization is in the forefront. The PHC head of this unit is the State Immunization Officer (SIO), and it is responsible for immunizing children against the vaccine preventable diseases namely: Poliomyelitis, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertusis, Measles, Yellow fever, Hepatitis B and Tuberculosis.

According to Government Reports On The PHC Operation:
Immunization: activities are carried through. All the 354 primary health care facilities in the state, when caregivers take their children in specific days of the week to the health facilities to get them immunized, Women of child bearing age are given tetanus vaccine.

On The Index Of Immunization:

1. Routine immunization: This takes place in all

2. Supplemental Immunization: This is immunization campaign carried out periodically to boost routine immunization or when there is a threat of an epidemic. It is National Immunization Days (NIDs) when it is carried out at the same time throughout the country; State Immunization Days (SIDs) or mop up when it is restricted to a state and Local Immunization Days (LIDs) when the campaign covers a particular Local Government Area (LGA).

To make this programme very efficient, we were told that the state had a cold store which was well equipped to maintain the potency of the vaccines. These vaccines are also available all the time and can be accessed at the nearest health facility. The target immunization coverage for the state in 2008 is 80%. Dp3 coverage is used as the indicator to measure coverage and the state has recorded 79% by October 2008.


We were told that four interrelated units were involved in rendering maternal and child health services in the PHC department namely:

1. Reproductive Health and Family Planning (FP).
2. Safe Motherhood
3. Women in Health
4. School Health

The goal of maternal and child health/family planning services in the state is to ensure that:

* Women remain healthy when not pregnant
* Remain healthy throughout pregnancy
* Have safe delivery
* Have healthy babies
* The child remains healthy and attains optimal development
* The families control their fertility

We were told that the services also assist couples who have difficulty in having babies. These services are available to individuals, families and communities in the various primary health care facilities in the 23 LGAs of the state; and in 2007, the state recorded 2,408 normal deliveries with no maternal death and 706 accessed our family planning services. The state government was constructing 130 model health facilities, 5 in each LGA, which would be adequately equipped to improve services. Also health personnel were being reoriented, retrained and more staff employed to render quality services.


The general goal of this unit was to contribute to the reduction of morbidity and mortality of persons in the state through uplifting their feeding habits.

Functions of the unit include:
* Nutrition education and public awareness.
* Evaluation of nutritional status.
* Food supplementation and fortification.
* Dietary diversification and food production.
* Nutrition rehabilitation and
* Coordination


Growth monitoring was undertaken in 6 health facilities in PHALGA. A total of 9707 under 5 children were weighed during the first quarter, the result showed that 13.8% were malnourished and 5.9% were severely malnourished. Caregivers were educated on food habits and proper nutrition. Also between 23rd and 26th of February 2008, 756,435 children were administered with Vitamin A.


This is the health information unit of the PHC Department. The goal of this unit is to develop a dynamic and responsive system that will provide information for planning, management and operational function of primary health care activities. As a result of the importance attached to this unit a consultant is appointed to head the unit. This has enabled the unit to undertake active supervision of activities in the 23 LGAs.

Other elements covered by PHC include:

* Adequate supply of basic water and sanitation
* Prevention and control of locally endemic diseases and injuries.
* Appropriate treatment of common diseases and injuries.
* Provision of essential drugs.
* Mental health
* Control of HIV/AIDS.

Inter alia. Apart from the above information, investigation have shown that like other states in the country, the provision of quality health care delivery to the citizens in Rivers has yet remained a discouraging task. With over 350 health centres, in addition to 10 general hospitals, they say that the state, in spite of its comparatively long history, had not been able to record appreciable progress in health care delivery to the people with all the above statements.

The UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) had specific objectives in health. But there is an objection that this might not be achieved owing to the state of misery the health care operation in the state is upon the grotesque huge sum of money that the government has invested in the sector.

In Nigeria, it is believed that about one million children die before their fifth birthday, while 52, 900 women die from pregnancy-related complications in Nigeria each year. Not even this sum of money, which some states are also expending in making sure that healths projects are taken seriously, have delivered to the people.

This is evident in Rivers State, where Governor Amaechi, without doubt, has expended huge sums of naira on various health projects, to enhance Rivers State’s health care delivery, but this is with less fruition.

Observers say that this government has constructed many ultra-modern primary health centres and equipped them and that the governor was supposed to be receiving kudos, but for the operation of the centres’ managers.

Apart from the Primary level of health care in the state, the governor was said has recorded some feats at the secondary level of health care, with the reconstruction of Kelsey Harrison Hospital, the Dental Hospital and the Rivers State University of Science and Technology Medical Centre. But the Braithwaite Memorial Hospital, which was undergoing massive reconstruction and its radiology department and clinical laboratories had been re-equipped, with the Clinotech Group of Canada acting as technical partners, is yet to engage the people perfectly in health care delivery with the mindset of the government.

Amaechi’s efforts in health and education have been lauded. At the Braithwaite Memorial Hospital, the ultra-modern modular theatre complex, which has been said comprises three operating suites, a laundry unit, a sterilizing unit and an oxygen-production plant, as well as an adjoining intensive care unit, which were also been set up in the hospital, is indication that Amaechi is in to help the people, but the people assigned to Mann these infrastructures should show accountability and decorum.

The people have agreed that in the past, people hardly patronized the primary health centres because of the ruined state of most of their facilities. But now that the centres have been transformed into good health institutions through the Amaechi-led government policies, they must give services that must reach the primary health centres new outlook. Children, pregnant women, old people of over 60 years and nursing mothers must be given prompt attention, and not only with free insecticide-treated mosquito nets and anti-malaria drugs given to them.

The overhauling of the health sector requires that patients can see doctors without any form of irritation and parents must immunize their babies easily without preceding their daily tasks. It is not certain whether all the people who go to the primary health centres receive the attention they required. However, a source did not have a contrary view to the caller’s: “Recently, my son fell sick and I took him to one of the newly constructed primary health centres in Port Harcourt. After consultation, he was placed on three days’ injection. They administered the first injection on him and asked us to return the next day for subsequent ones. It was, however, surprising to me that when we got there the next day, a security man on duty told me that nobody was around to attend to us. My husband had to make alternative arrangements for a nurse to continue our son’s treatment,’’ the source said.

Conversely, a source was quoting the Commissioner for Health saying that the state government had adopted a health care delivery system, which thrust was anchored on primary care that is based on the provision of quality health facilities, the provision of efficient, effective and affordable health services, the availability of well qualified and motivated staff and the provision of health care services to the vulnerable groups at government’s cost and government had funded specific health programmes to check maternal and child diseases such as maternal neonatal tetanus and polio, HIV and AIDS, malaria, as well as communicable and non-communicable diseases, as part of activities lined up.

It was noted that the government was handing over the primary health centres to gatekeepers in the communities to bring about community support, participation and ownership of these facilities, to watch over the activities of the health centres’ staff to ensure that government derives value for the money it invested in the projects, which include disease-control schemes, including malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis programmes, was to be handled by the health centres, and that plans were underway to come up with appropriate legislation for the health centres’ management.

Against that backdrop, we were told that child and maternal mortality was in decline in Rivers State as there has been a drop in the statistics by about 20 percent, according to a consultant gynecologist and fellow of West African College of Surgeon with the Braithwaite Memorial Specialist Hospital (BMSH). Investigations revealed that he, who quoted statistics provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), noted that before now there used to be about 1,000 maternal deaths to every 100,000 child delivery, but these days the figures show a reduction of 20% to 800 to every 100, 000 child births in the state.

His research was hinged on an explanation that drop in the figures was a result of increased drive by government to tackle the menace, as well as improvements in health seeking behavior of people in the state. He noted and said that maternal mortality is stem from hemorrhage, infections during pregnancy, bungled abortions and hypertension related diseases at child birth.

He opined that women who seek ante-natal care in medical health facilities are less likely to suffer maternal deaths than those who patronize traditional birth attendants. He worried about the need for the womenfolk to improve their health seeking behaviour before and during pregnancy, because such actions would curb maternal mortality.

Notwithstanding, people are asking that when something is free, was it not to be gotten without hassles.

Odimegwu Onwumere, Poet/Author, Media/Writing Consultant and Motivator, is the Coordinator, Concerned Non-Indigenes In Rivers State (CONIRIV); and Founder, Poet Against Child Abuse (PACA), Rivers State. Mobile: +2348032552855. Email: apoet_25@yahoo.com