"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he is at times of
comfort or convenience, but at times of challenges and controversies".
Folorunsho Samuel Enitan [my cousin], the first child in the family of
6, with enormous responsibilities to cater for including his siblings,
graduated from one of Nigeria universities four years ago, with a
degree in Business Administration Second Class Upper, the sky is the
beginning he thought armed with his certificate he went in search of
white collar jobs, cris crossing the length and breadth of
Nigeria looking for job.

Four years down the line "THE SEARCH CONTINUES......", he was
recruited by the local politician to be part of his campaign team.This
is the fate of million of youths in Nigeria unemployment market,
hopelessness and a bleak future, with alternatives dangles before them
by greedy politicians and drug barons, they easily gave in to make
ends meet.

Youth unemployment in Nigeria has assumed a dimension that is now
called "A MONSTER", the devastating effect of youth unemployment in
Nigeria has affected me socially, psychologically and economically.The
devastating MONSTER in Nigeria families, society and the nation has
saw in the Northern part of Nigeria, an army of ALMAJIRI'S", called
the foot soldiers,"YANDABAS","BOKO HARAM SECTS". In the South South
region of Nigeria Oil rich region breeds, the dreaded "EGBESU BOYS"
and militants [that has crippled Nigeria's economic fortunes, hostage
taking phenomenon, vandalization of Oil facilities and Oil bunkering].
In the Eastern part of Nigeria "THE BAKASSI BOYS". In the Western
part of Nigeria, Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC).  In Lagos the economic
hub of
Nigeria breeds "Area Boys".

The unemployed youths are used as tools by politicians to disrupt
elections, wrecking havoc, caused and inflame religious disturbances
and crisis. As there is a saying " AN IDLE HAND IS A DEVILS WORKSHOP".
The youths are used as hired killers, and political thugs, many of the
unemployed youths are willing tools in the hands of the politician and
drug barons as they served as couriers for drugs [desperate to make
ends meet], Internet Scam "YAHOO YAHOO" and the now popular social
networking sites "Facebook" and Twitter".

They become a MONSTER ! Rather than contributing to the social and
economic development of the family and society, and the nation at
large. The unemployed youths have engaged themselves in orgy of
destructive careers, wasting precious lives in their wake of trails.
They are added burden to families, who spent their hard earned
resources to see them acquire good education in the hope of a better
future. The parents now faced with the realities of a dash hope and
dreams as a  result of unemployment.

Youth unemployment has really affected the social psyche of families,
society and the nation, as youth unemployment has let millions of
youths embarking on a dangerous journey across the dreaded Sahara
Desert gateway termed "Journey Of No Return" or "Endless
Odyssey" en-route Europe with aim of getting better job.

  Girls are the most hit as they have resort to the world  oldest
profession "PROSTITUTION". A catastrophe playing itself out! Some of
the girls [with family knowledge] sold off their prized possessions,
house, farmlands and lands to enabled them obtain the travel documents
and contacts in Europe.Some are made to swear at the local shrine. Edo
State, South South Nigeria accounts for 83 percent of girls
trafficking in Africa, estimated at about 300,000 yearly.

  As a result of unemployment, families have been ruined, as youths
who cannot find employment resorts to criminal activities, terrorizing
the neighborhood and when caught they are sent to jail, there by
denting families image, honor and image, as a result of youth
unemployment, the youths drank to stupor to contain emotions, overcome
burdensome an
worrisome, inhale stimulants to stay high, smoke dangerous drugs and
become a nuisance to the family and the society.

  The youths live on drug, sleep with drug, think drug and walk with
drugs! The army of unemployed youths are easily brainwashed and
indoctrinated with false doctrines and are co-opted into illegal
societies, frustrations, dejection and hopelessness remain  a day to
day occurrence in  their lives. With millions of graduates being
churned out yearly in Nigeria Schools joining the already saturated
unemployment market.

  Some have taken to spiritual and religious homes seeking  divine
intervention in their despair, with no future and hope. In the open
fields, playing grounds, mammy markets in the barracks and motor
parks. It is the same RHYTHM! Odor and red lights emitting
from marijuana [Indian hemp]smokers! Lagos as city is under siege of
hard drugs by the youths, because of unemployment all the streets
corners and neighborhood are now occupied by the youths smoking these
hard and dangerous drugs.

  The odor emanating from these joints is becoming worrisome. The
future of these youths is now BLEAK!

What does the future holds for them? A CATASTROPHE IS LOOMING!

  As Nigeria keeps marching, the future of Nigerian youths keeps
getting darker, bleak and hopeless neither to see the "sun shining
behind the clouds nor realizing their DREAMS". It is a FAIT ACCOMPLI:
Signed, Sealed and Delivered!

Youth unemployment in Nigeria is a MONSTER, THE HOPE, FATE, DESTINY AND THEIR
FUTURE HANGS IN THE BALANCE! As the gods are getting angrier! It is
race against time.....!

This is surely not the end of the beginning nor beginning of the end,
but the beginning of the beginning.

Taiwo Lawrence Adeyemi 'The Specialist'.
Country Representative; Whisper Poetry.
Alternate Email:  taiwolawrence.adeyemi@yahoo.com.